Gaming Jobs Online Review – Is Gaming Jobs Online Really Legit?


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Gaming Jobs Online

Gaming Jobs Online

This is our Gaming Jobs Online Review. If you’re looking for the official site of Gaming Jobs Online, please click the link below:


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The first time I heard about Gaming Jobs Online, it was through a Google search I made for Work at Home Jobs. At first, like most people, I was skeptical because I never thought it was possible to make money to play video games. But once I visited the site and read through their material, I realized it was a real job.

Gaming companies across the world need testers. They want people that are “gamers” but also someone that has real employment experience. Communication, being on time, someone who is responsible, and being a stickler for detail are some of the qualities they are looking for. For many of the jobs, they require you to submit a resume to apply for their open positions.

So anyways here’s my Gaming Jobs Online Review!

If you click the image below, you will be taken to an introduction video from Gaming Jobs Online!

Gaming Jobs Online Video

Gaming Jobs Online Video


Gaming Jobs Online Review – What’s It All About?


Gaming Jobs Online is basically the middle man. They go out and find all the open jobs and put together a database full of opportunities.  The jobs range from beginner game testers to fully fledged programming supervisors. Most will start as a tester unless you have more training. With that said, the more education you have on game development the more job opportunities you will receive.

Gaming Jobs Online

Build A Gaming Website

Another money making opportunity Gaming Jobs Online offers is an expansive list of legitimate survey sites. Many of them will pay you to take real surveys. Others pay you in credits or points. These can be redeemed for cash or other products.

Yet Another real money making opportunity at Gaming Jobs Online is getting paid to write gamer content. Items such as game reviews, hardware reviews, mobile app reviews, etc. are all ways you can earn money.

Finally, they have a how to make your own website system that teaches you how to create your own website to make money in the gaming community. It consists of a 11 step video tutorial that walks you through the steps of building your own site. This by itself can be a huge money making opportunity.


Gaming Jobs Online Review – What I Like

I loved the fact that a membership to Gaming Jobs Online gives you access to a database of all available gaming jobs that are open and accepting applications. They provide you with a “how to” video series that tells you everything you need to get started. Once I watched that series of videos, I knew it was possible to make real money from Gaming Jobs Online. Plus, they offer a 7 day trial for just $1!

While getting my resume setup and waiting on job acceptance, I can fill out some surveys and begin making some money! In my opinion, it’s a great system.


Gaming Jobs Online Review – What I Don’t Like

There are a few things that I didn’t like about Gaming Jobs Online. When I first read the site, I admit, I thought I would be playing and testing games while eating pizza the next day. Unfortunately, that is not true. The good thing is, these jobs that you can get are real jobs. Once you apply and are accepted, you really can make money to play and test video games.

Another aspect of this program I wish was better was the setup of the database. There are hundreds of jobs to apply for but it takes some time to search through them all and find the ones you are qualified for. Obviously not a deal breaker, but a search function would be a nice addition.


Gaming Jobs Online Review – Overall Thoughts

Overall, I really like what Gaming Jobs Online has to offer. I have a chance to make a nice part-time income (or even a full-time inclome) doing what I love to do, play video games. If you would like this same opportunity you should check it out.

If you’ve ever been curious about how people find these gaming jobs, or how they can make so much money, then you will love Gaming Jobs Online!


Click Here for Gaming Jobs Online

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